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Meet The Women Behind Cannectionz LLC 


Cannabis Chef and CEO,
Willow Gonzalez

Chef Willow has been an advocate in the underground and legal industry for a combined 26 years. She has traveled the world advocating for cannabis legalization, and decriminalization. Willow has advocated for CBD, CBN, CBG and THC-A research, terpene and flavanoid education and efficacy for addiction, mental health and physical ailments. She has used culinary skills as a professional chef,to bring the discussions to the table in 7 countries and 31 states. Willow is a farm to table international chef that uses cannabis infusions to show all the wonderful things cannabinoids can do for your over all well being.


Certified Veterinarian Tech and Co Founder Michelle Russell (pictured on the right)

Michelle obtained her specialized degree in Zoology. Michelle worked with animals of all species and sizes for many years at Pt. Defiance Zoo. Michelle went on to become a certified veterinarian technician specializing in nutrition and over all wellness. Both of these ladies have advocated for health and wellness for humans and pets together for 15 years. Their friendship, research, passion and knowledge have given birth to Cannectionz LLC. Kindness, knowledge, and always looking for room to grow and help others, allowed product lines "PetZen" and "Simply Elevated" to emerge. Be assured these ladies work tirelessly to bring forth quality in all they do.

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 6.44.26 PM.png

Event & Recruiting Manager Xammie

Entering the cannabis industry in 2018, Xammie started with Packaging,manufacturing and eventually dispensry work as a medical budtender and supervisor. Xammie is very knowledgeable in terepene profiles, cannabinoids, and strain specific exotics. After witnessing a toxic trend against women in the cannabis industry, Xammie vowed to emulate and eventually help create a safe space for professional women in the cannabis industry. Through empowerment, education and community, Xammie advocated for cannabis connoisseurs who wanted to heal and improve their lives. Xammie found a permanent home with Women owned and operated Cannectionz LLC. Xammie manages recruiting of incredibly knowledgeable and talented girls for special events, and exclusively runs Cannectionz Cannabis Bad Seed Babes™.

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